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Grow your business with Anzael E-Commerce

The World Wide Web has opened up a world wide of opportunity for business owners in the e-commerce sector. Now it is possible to sell goods and services online without even relying on a brick-and-mortar shop. Our e-commerce services include web design and development, search engine optimization, social media, and shopping cart solutions. Whether you sell direct to the consumer or you are in the B2B niche, we can create a custom-tailored solution that is perfect for your needs!

 Our Objectives
  • Maintain all content which never going to change.
  Supporting features for customer and cart
  • Shopping cart management based on cart
  • User signup and sing in
  • Customer panel where they can see they previous orders
  • Can get order tracking details
  • Having multiple option in checkout like without registration and with registration
  • Select product as wish item and can see later
  • Able to store cart as well for later purchase
  • Product images can be printable
  • Different types member area and pricing
  • Able to modify different items
  • Review fill up form
  • Manage product searching
  • Can suggest to friend
  • Different types of newsletter can setup
  • Can clear cart instantly with single click
  • Able to print invoice or download in pdf
  Item Listing [Product Catalogue]
  • No limit on item listing
  • No limit on categories
  • No limit on attributes of categories
  • Multi-level category attributes
  • Able to add HTML content
  • One item having more than one images
  • Customize item
  • Relative product
  • Based on given criteria of sellers we display best sellers
  • Advance search option which having item search on all item attributes
  • Customer can change item listing order based on they beset required view
  • Item description manageable from content
  • Display images with descriptions
  • Customer specific layout based on category as well
  • Switch working for disable any search criteria instantly
  • Able to filter on more selling and best review items
  Inventory management & Merchandising
  • Item quantity
  • Gift coupon and discount
  • Low stock notification
  • Item having multiple prices like retail selling and wholesale selling
  • Instantly able to stop item display on portal
  • Display different message ant different level of item stock
  • No limit on inventory access
  • Discount on item purchase quantity
  • Apply minimum purchase quantity
  Shipping & Tax calculation
  • Shipping charges and rates applied
  • You may add additional amount on shipping gateway final price
  • Can give free shipping option to customer when total selling become above the limit
  • Automatically detect customer location based on IP
  • Tax calculation based on product
  • Able to remove VAT on specific item level, or category level
  • Delivery method can be customizable
  • Based on delivery method weight limit can be apply
  • Free shipping product
  • Able to copy zone and other all zone information
  • Customer can select they define method for Item delivery
  • Real time integration with Parcel Force, USPS, FedEx and UPS shipping calculation from one location
  • Calculate shipping rate on the same time of purchase
  Sales management
  • Statistics given on this level where you can see everything
  • Email notification to all persons related to customer purchased item like supplier, seller, manufacture etc
  • Easy searching for previous orders
  • Each order having option for order receipt
  • Tracking of customer interest on site related to SEO
  • Able to export customer, supplier, and manufacture data in multiple file formats
  Search engine optimized
  • SEO friendly website pages
  • Admin can manage SEO fields like Meta data, Title, Keyword, Descriptions and many more for each category as well as item level
  • SEO friendly title and URL
  • Referrer/Affiliate information
  Admin panel and security
  • High security password MD5 hashing used which protect admin very securely
  • Can add HTTPS/SSL admin website
  • Can host admin on different sub domain which never knows by third party user
  • Can able to add user group level access
  • All customer data which no need to show normal authenticate user we can encrypt that one


Here at Anzael, we know that the front end of a website determines how customers perceive and interact with your brand. With our strong knowledge of design principles, we can take your website to the next level, or design you a beautiful site from scratch.


Our comprehensive web development services are perfect if you need a fully integrated solution for the back-end of your site. Our programmers are well-versed in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CGI, and web forms. We will get your website running smoothly and effectively.


Our search engine optimization team will boost your on-site and off-site SEO so that you rank high on relevant search terms. Strong SEO is vital for visibility. The more customers can find your website, the more sales you will make.


We can promote your website, products, and services through social media channels for viral exposure. The likes, shares, and conversations that we garner for you on Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels will boost your site’s traffic and result in higher conversions.


Our e-commerce solutions include cart and customer support, inventory management and merchandising, product catalog solutions, shipping and tax options and calculations, sales management, and tracking tools. With these powerful tools on your side, you make it easy for customers to shop on your website.


Anzael Cloud Services—covers the whole scope of basic selling business forms in the SaaS space. Our cloud service expert always watch on performance of your product searching, booking, and payment. Our cloud service makes it very smooth and faster which never expect by customer.

Give new avatar to your site with anzael SEO expertise

Give new avatar to your site with anzael SEO expertise

Are you ready to take your e-commerce business to the next level, boosting your ranking, traffic, conversions, and revenue? If so, our search engine optimization (SEO) services are just what you need. Our SEO experts have the cutting-edge knowledge and powerful resources to drive your site to the top.

SEO Keyword Fields for Products

Our team will help you identify keywords to target for each of your products. This will draw relevant customers to product pages where they are likely to convert.

Product Description Optimization

Once we have identified relevant product keywords, we can optimize descriptions for SEO. We can also check them for uniqueness.

Singular / Plural Keywords

Our SEO team is able to target both singular and plural keywords to give you the maximum boost in traffic.

Optimize Category URLs to Cover Generic Category Searches

Just as your product descriptions can be optimized for search engines, so can your product categories. We will help you target the right keywords.

Unique Title Tags/Metatags

When your title and metatags are unique and keyword-optimized, they can elevate traffic and click-through rates.

Product Reviews

We can help you to pull in reviews for your products to use as product copy on your site and promotional content on social media.

Internal Links

We will help you to interlink the pages on your site using keyword optimized anchor tags.

RSS Feeds

Our team can manage your RSS feed which will update when you publish news or update your products or categories.

Product Tagging

The team at Anzael are experts in coming up with unique and powerful product tags, including tags generated through customer searches.

Alt Tag for Images

Our alt tags for images are search engine optimized and include keywords relevant to product and category searches.

Internal Site Search

We will check to make sure that your internal site search is easy to use and generating relevant results.

Landing Pages

Our team will review your landing pages to ensure that the content on them is optimized for search engines and for conversions.

Long Tail Keywords

We will research long tail keywords to find the best search strings for you to target through the content and product descriptions on your site.

Optimizing Button Names

We will review the names of your buttons and links and adjust them to boost their relevance to your products and categories.

Social Media Campaigns

Our SEO team can run social marketing campaigns to engage your customers and built trust and visibility for your business.

Email Marketing / Auto Responder

Email marketing remains one of the most powerful marketing tools in your online toolbox. We can optimize your auto responder messages and mailing lists.