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Anzael's E-Commerce is a state of art solution reducing the product time to the market. The solution is optimized to give greater visibility to the auto parts & products. It's user friendly attitude makes it versatile software as a service offering. This cloud based solution requires no downloads to proceed. Enroll now to experience sales as never before.

Your E-commerce website

Impress your customers with a beautiful and secure online store

A home for your brand

Customize your store

This user defined service lets user to customize the landing page to make it look more appealing and easy to navigate. With minimalistic approach it offers an industry standard solution to communicate with market the accurate content. It is easy to upload a product on to the e-commerce store additionally the user also has the ability to upload bulk imports.

No design skills needed

In order to manage the e-commerce store an easy to use backend support is being provided. The backend requires no specific skill sets to deal with and lets user to enter information without any hesitation. The backend provides enough features to make the store look more unique; it let's user to customize the front end layout, design and color themes.

Put your products first

Showcase your products

The e-commerce store is all about products on display; this showcase populates the top products or new products on sale followed by others. The dashboard lets user to know about most searched auto parts or products and thus customize the product showcase. Here user has ability to filter the search by make, model and year to hit the right spot.

Sell one product or millions

This state of art e-commerce store lets user to upload single product or multiple bulk products for sales and inquiry. This sophisticated easy to upload and easy to use software lets user to catalog auto parts in buyer friendly environment. A consumer on click of a button can browse and buy the product online. This e-commerce software lets user to host their content online with discretion to interact with the market. This cloud based software as service offering lets unlimited data to be uploaded, tracked and managed.

A seamless checkout experience

Accept payments instantly

The e-commerce store checkout provides end to end encryption of data making it secure and easy to use; additionally it generates one time password to conduct a transaction. This integrated payment solution accepts payment instantly and proceeds with the product checkout to make a sale. It recognizes all major credit and debit cards to make a payment successful.

Your data is safe and secure

The e-commerce website uses SSL protocol to secure the data and ensure safety. Further the payment gateway of the e-commerce portal is PCI DSS compliant to make sure it is secure and safe. The cloud based software as service offers unlimited storage space to its member and provides daily data backup.

Run your business

Manage your orders, contact customers, track sales trends, and more

Stay on top of your sales

Accept orders in seconds

The minimalist approach the e-commerce store provides is to make sure that consumer is not lost in website and is easily navigated towards the end & start. Most of the features of the e-commerce store are in industry standard compliance.

Shipping made easy

Gives user an option to pick up the delivery or get it shipped. User has the ability to change the shipping address. This fulfillment by Anzael LLC is easy and economical way to place & receive an order.

Powerful insights to help grow your business

Your store at a glance

The dashboard of the e-commerce store gives you graphical representation of top 5 products and last 7 day sales, top 5 product categories and order summary. These MIS figures at a glance helps user to manage the inventory and keeps user informed of the top performing products.

Insightful reports

We give you insightful reports that will help you gauge what your customers want from you. This section lets you compare against the targets and benchmarks i.e., how is a product performing against its targets and benchmarks. This lets you devise a sales & marketing strategy at product level. User has the ability to analyze and report keyword level performance. Other than easy to use dashboards user has the ability to opt for additional personalized reports, where user can ask for customized information or specify what information they want to access.

Run your business from your phone

Access everything from your smartphone

The e-commerce site is optimized for access through your smart phones. The system is integrated such that user can control the website content through a smart phone. The frontend is optimized for consumers to make instant purchases through their smart phones. This integration adds mobility to the content and reduces the response time to the sale.


e-commerce handles all the hassles of starting an online store, perfect for beginners and experts alike

Cloud Based Website

SEO ready sites

Social Media Integration

Simplified Logistics

Full Customization

Truly Mobile Stores

Fully Managed Services

24/7 Support Services

Data Backup

Easy navigation

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