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Anzael offers e-catalog services to enhance the user & decision experience. Our e-catalog solution is packed with bundles of value added services such that it makes the experience more unique.


Anzael offers you the best online publication services to print your e catalogue. Anzael e-catalog is the most comprehensive and cost effective electronic catalog of automotive part applications. All the information you need to find the correct part for every application. Works great with all desktop browsers and mobile devices. Market demand is for a complete suite of electronic catalog package which is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. So keeping your business needs in mind we created a top of the line electronic catalog solution for automotive part applications which will be aftermarket parts lookup.

Defined & Increased Visibility

The e Catalog is a user defined, cloud based software as a service offering requiring no downloads. The member is in full control of the aftermarket parts lookup services which lets user to customize the experience. A user is in capacity to select the home page layout through the content management system. The user can set the banner & background images and assign unique color combinations to interact. The user can also upload unique company logo and icon to make it more specific & unique. The user is in ability to customize the product line and manipulate the data. The user is in ability to upload bulk images and allows to passively relate to the competitors.

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Reduced Time to Market

The e Catalog services automate the process of uploading and validating the data; it uses optimized programming codes making it faster and smarter. It utilizes the automotive aftermarket industry standard data usually available in ACES & PIES data standard and formats and converts them into a catalog format. The data and processes of being on cloud critically save on investment on infrastructure of the user thus reducing the time to market. The validation against the latest version of AAIA database makes it more accurate for users to relate parts to the vehicle. The service is ios & android optimized for access through mobile devices. User has the ability to customize search engine optimization metadata; making it respond efficiently and effectively to open searches.

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Catalog Content Management

Catalog Content Management

The dashboard gives a comprehensive view and lets user to manage all the content of the e Catalog services. User credentials let’s one manage the company information, manage social media url’s, manage copyrights, user has the ability to edit content of the home page and add new webpage. Other than managing SEO content user also has ability to manage home page layout, banner & background images and website color composition. The user also gets to manage content for year, make, model search by uploading the ACES & PIES xml data. The user is also in capacity to manage product line and bulk digital assets like jpg files, pdf files & video files. Additionally there is a provision for uploading and relating competitors’ information to generate a cross reference. Read More

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Digital Asset Management

Digital Assets

Digital assets are key to any sales and marketing related databases. Media content files like images, videos & pdf files are recognized by the e Catalog system for upload. These digital assets can be imported in bulk to the database. The image files is imported in two parts; one part relates to attributes in table format and other part relates to just the image file. Around 100 to 200 MB of resource space is allocated for one single upload. 24/7 customer service is provided to solve any queries. Read More

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Cross Reference

Cross Reference

The e Catalog has features to search by competitors’ part number. In case end user needs to cross refer to the competitors’ part number to find a similar part of your company they can do it. A cross reference need be established before hand to enable this feature. The resultant is your part number in reference to the competitors’ part number. An end user can raise inquiry on your part number thus increase in visibility. Read More

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Back office & Custom Dashboard

Search Engine Optimized

Cloud Based Website

24/7 Service Support

Easily converts ACES & PIES into catalog format

Easy and fast search out of billions of data

Data Backup

Mobile Friendly

Easy navigation

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