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Have you been tired of managing fitment in all marketplaces? azFitment will give you more comfort. You only require to manage fitment inside azFitment, azFitment will synchronize your fitment with Amazon, eBay, WHI, and Epicor either automated or semi-automated. So go ahead and save your time, which you may spend in your business.


Why azFitment?

The azFitment helps the users for the effective management of their fitments which can be Make/Model/Year/Engine, etc. It becomes easier for the customers to manage the fitment centrally for the overall marketplaces. The feature set of azFitment is found to be valuable and amazing to the customers. With its help, the users can manage and create ACES for any marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, WHI, and Epicor in one place. It is mainly filled with global features and also very easy to use for managing multiple ecat's fitments at one place.

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Who can use azFitment?

Mainly, the people who are involved in selling automotive aftermarket auto parts on popular e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Epicor and WHI can use this azFitment.
Also, some people are generally tired by managing the fitments at all places, and so, they can also use it efficiently.
The particular "azFitment" will also help them in all manners where they can easily make up to date fitment as well as manage it with the AAIA latest version. So, anyone serious about the selling compatibility enabled products mainly on eBay or amazon can be the user of azFitment. This tool certainly helps accessories and also online parts sellers to comply with the ACES data standard. Thousands of sellers are effectively helped by the azFitment for creating fitment for platforms like Amazon, eBay, AutoZone, NewEgg, Wal-Mart and lot more. This tool is powerful, easy to use and also an affordable solution to help sellers to avoid costly returns and also to drive sales mainly.

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