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ACES Data Mapping

ACES data mapping is a service offered by many product catalog management system providers. It helps users to export product data in different e-catalog formats used in automotive aftermarket industry. NAPA, LEGACY, Wrench head are some of e-cat formats which are easily doable with catalog data mapping.

Generally, users need to spend dollar and their precious time to format catalog information manually or by assigned an expert catalog management service. ACES data mapping saves you time and money by providing an opportunity to export formatted catalog data with just one click.

Today, almost 70% selling automotive parts contain e-catalog systems and thus providing updated product information will become impossible for companies not using automated catalog management systems.


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Benefits of ACES Data Mapping

  • You can produce full or delta mapping file anytime you want.
  • It is compatible even for the ever changing scenario of the aftermarket industry. It reduces worries about the changing standards.
  • Help you to generate fully detailed reports which contain holes, overlaps and missing coverage as well.
  • It enables you to do data mapping by yourself and thus eliminate requirement for third party mapping fees.
  • Provides highly accurate catalog reports that will be fully compliant with the ACES standard.
  • It makes sure that catalog updates and mapped files are always synchronized. It helps customers to have most accurate product data.

Data mapping is a system to convert one’s own catalog data into industry standard format. Converting catalog data into one industry standard simplifies data exchange and management within the industry. It will provide more web visibility and thus improves your business.

Automotive Aftermarket Industry has got modern data exchange standards after suffering wears and tears of traditional data transmission methods. At the initial stage, the process of data exchange adopted by industry players was an expensive and time consuming. Thanks to noble efforts of AAIA to replace traditional standards of catalog data with modern ACES and PIES standards.

Mapping software eliminate needs of maintaining multiple catalog formats by generating one common format which is perfectly compatible with ACES standard. It improves electronic data exchange, accurate data can be easily conveyed to distributors, very inexpensive and fast as well, enables real time product updates and many more.

Why you Need ACES Data Mapping?

  • Lack of awareness about standardized data mapping system, enables distributors and providers to order multiple auto parts and then they will start elimination to meet the perfect auto parts which increases in returns. Thus, it becomes time consuming and frustrating process to match a vehicle with its perfect auto parts. It also affects the overall sales and cash flow.
  • ACES Data Mapping helps to convert even complex catalog data formats into one industry recognized format. It reduces not only returns but also help to find perfect aftermarket parts for a particular vehicle. It enables accurate and fast translation of an ACES ID to a vehicle’s unique ID.