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Anzael offers e-catalog services to enhance the user & decision experience. Our e-catalog solution is packed with bundles of value added services such that it makes the experience more unique.



The website is customizable where one could easily customize the theme of the website, the color and images etc to make it unique. User has flexibility to add numerous web pages, tabs & links to customize the end user experience. User can change banner & background images and website colors to give a unique proposition.

Back office & Custom Dashboard

An easy to use and user friendly dashboard that provides summary of the application parts uploaded and graphical representation of parts inquired. The dashboard helps user to navigate through the backend features of uploading ACES & PIES data, importing bulk images, grouping product lines, entering tags and metadata for search engine optimization and managing overall content such that it makes smarter & faster inventory decisions.

Search Engine Optimized

Supports SEO best practices to drive traffic to your website. Help your potential customers find your through search engines. Allows for keywords to create a unique or optimized tag to the search engine and lets user change the keywords as found suitable. The website is search engine optimized for better results off the web search such that it boosts sales inquiry.

Cloud Based Website

At a nominal subscription fee the service hosts your entire website on Anzael without having to download any application. Your online e Catalog comes with a full-featured content management system. Use your own domain name or buy one from Anzael LLC.

24/7 Service Support

You can work with one of our experts by email, and or phone to customize & step up your e Catalog from the ground up. Additionally you can raise a support ticket to get a solution to the issue.

Easily converts ACES & PIES into catalog format

The e Catalog service uses industry standard ACES & PIES data for publishing catalogs. The standard data is converted to catalogue format reducing the data time to market such that end user could run a regression for year, make & model search.

Easy and fast search out of billions of data

The e Catalog service allows for fast and accurate big data retrieval. With its optimized control algorithms it can manage to map, publish and archive the big data such that it increases visibility. All searches conducted make use of vehicle filters such as product line, year, make, model, engine or search by part numbers or allows search by competitors’ part number to get a resultant feature product.

Data Backup

The e Catalog services provide for data backup to secure the clients data; so that the client does not have to worry about data loss anytime. All business information, inquires, customers, orders and inventory are backed up in a secure data centre every day.

Mobile Friendly

The user has the ability to access webpage through their respective mobile devices. The webpage is optimized for viewing in the mobile devices. Users can respond to the inquires through their mobiles and thus reduce response time to sale.

Easy navigation

The e Catalog service is designed in way to easily navigate the user through the different features of the website. The website prompts the user to effectively maneuver around. Additionally, the help function guides the user to easily navigate through the set up process & functions. Otherwise our 24/7 support team is in place to address any queries.

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