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Have you been tired of managing fitment in all marketplaces? azFitment will give you more comfort. You only require to manage fitment inside azFitment, azFitment will synchronize your fitment with Amazon, eBay, WHI, and Epicor either automated or semi-automated. So go ahead and save your time, which you may spend in your business.


Increase Sales

One of the most important benefits of using the "azFitment" is mainly to increase sales. By the elimination of the probable doubts of the buyers, this accurate, as well as clear fitment capability, helps to increase the sales of the users. The doubts are mainly related to the automotive aftermarket auto parts, whether it will fit the intended vehicle or not.

The sales are mainly increased by automatically updating the fitment inside every marketplace. As a result, customers will generally get accurate fitments and so, it does not lead any confusion among the customer about the fitment. Because of updated fitment, there will be an exponential increase in selling.

Reduce Costly Returns

Additionally, this particular "azFitment" helps to reduce the costly returns. It is not possible for the products to both travel back up as well as travel down the supply chain. By using the "azFitment", allows the users to repair your errors and that too immediately effectively.

Build Your Brand

Along with the increase in sales, the "azFitment" also contributes to the effective building of the user’s brand. For sustaining in the current market, it is imperative to build the brand properly so that it can attract more and more customers. It also increases the trust of the customers towards a particular brand. When you generally pair your product with clear fitment data, it builds the much greater confidence of the buyers towards your brand.

Identify Opportunities

Much definable compatibility may have been present in your products, and so, it helps to identify opportunities and reasons why your products would not fit a motorcycle or boat.

Full Customization

The dashboard navigates the user to customize different aspects of the website. The user is in full capacity to customize the landing page. With the full responsive dashboard the user can change the header graphics and its content, can change the banner & background image, user can modify the overall content of the website and make it more unique.

Smoke The Competition

Every single month generally new vehicles are added to the market for smoking the competition. As soon as they gradually hit the market, these vehicles are mainly shown by "azFitment".

Save Time

Time is such a thing which requires to be managed effectively. Hundreds of eBay fitment compatibilities are enabled by the azFitment's design to the users in just minutes. By saving time, now the fitment is centrally managed by the customer so that they do not have to go to every marketplace individually. Because of fitness problem, there will no return of product anymore, and also fitments are updated everywhere. It also saves your time because of its user interface which is much easy to use.

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