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What is AAIA

By October 16, 2015 AAIA

AAIA (Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association) was established in 1999 to represent suppliers, distributors, retailers, manufacturers of automotive industry.It is based in Bethesda, MD having 23,000 members and affiliate companies who are manufacturing, distributing and selling quality vehicle parts and accessories to each and every vehicle passing on the road.

Kathleen Schmatz, the president of AAIA formed this association to make a collaborative auto industry. It has been integrated with legal departments and educators to maintain the reputation of members and their business positions in the market.

Legal departments of AAIA represent issues and uphold favorable policies before federal and state legislators and regulators. It adopts tactics and practices which make the industry more advanced in terms of technology and e-commerce.AAIA keep updating members by arranging educational discussions, meetings and events.

Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association always trying to provide a global platform to their members by representing international programs. It just not helps their members to associate with the global auto market but also enhance their knowledge of current market trends and issues.

How Can I Join AAIA?

To join AAIA,companies should be engaged with manufacturing, selling, distributing or supplying auto parts and accessories. Other members are also welcomed, who are associated with management and marketing services for automotive industry.

There are two ways to become a member either by downloading and filling out the AAIA Application form or by applying online membership application.

However, different members have varied areas of expertise and associated with different range of products. To filterthem, AAIA has designed 7 segments such as;

• Automotive Electric Association (AEA)
• The Auto International Association (AIA)
• The Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association (AWDA)
• The Heavy Duty Distribution Association (HDDA)
• Paint, Body & Equipment Specialists (PBES)
• The Upholstery & Trim International, Tool & Equipment (TOOL)segments.

It makes the association well organized and categorized.

Pros and Cons to Join the AAIA

AAIA is a global auto eco system which connects companies and consumers. All members will be given an access to unlimited opportunities to make their business thriving. AAIA’s members can get following discounts and resources:
• Market intelligence
• Trade events
• Government affairs
• Technology
• Consumer education
• Job and Careers
• Professional development
• Communications
• Networking
• Money-saving programs

Thus, you will be provided with tons of resources to build your career in specific segment.

However, dealing with AAIA’s members to buy particular auto parts, accessories or want to get car repaired seems little costly in compare to separate corner garages. But quality of products with AAIA’s members never compromised.

Government Control on AAIA

To get control over AAIA’s auto manufacturing companies, government introduced “Right to Repair Act”. According to this newly introduced legal coalition car owners are free to decide where they want to get their car repaired.
By introducing such legal rights in favor of consumers government tries to keep tight hold on Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association. However, AAIA’s each segment has its own legal departments to cope with legal issues on behalf of members. It works to introduce new demands and favorable policies to federal and state legislators and regulators.

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