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What is VCDB Pro?

VCDB or Vehicle Configuration Database contains information of vehicle configurations for passenger cars and light trucks sold in the US, Canada and Mexico. The database is designed in such way so that auto industry companies can communicate application with as much or as little information as necessary. It is an essential element for all who intend to manage complex vehicle data in Industry standardized format.

VCDB Pro is an upgraded version of previous Vcdb tools. It has been integrated with some powerful features which enable users to upload data through multiple file extensions.

PIES Automotive Mapping Catalog Software

With an advent of PIES (Product Information Exchange Standard) automotive data mapping software, now companies can exchange even more comprehensive parts data with greater ease.

It replaces the old means of exchanging information like simply sending out MS Excel “Price Lists” with minimal information. In current days, companies need to exchange comprehensive list of all information to ensure better sale and trust.

PIES application got approval by the Aftermarket Council on Electronic Commerce (ACED) and finalized in August 2000. It has over 140 product attribute categories such as; price, Universal Product Code number, weight, size, original assembly location, warranty information, and manufacturer. The flexible layout of the PIES data mapping software encompasses information as many times as necessary in order to meet data delivery requirements.

Using PIES software users can integrate all require information about the products such as; shipping, packaging, images, installation guides, product videos, support documentation, hazardous materials information, product attributes and more. Such detailed information increases the chances of improved sales.

Thus, PIES software play an important role when it comes to the management and exchange of product attribute information in the auto care industry. There are several companies who possess expertise in catalog database management. They are considered to be the most valuable and reliable resources for others when it comes to building and converting ACES and PIES compliant Electronic Catalog Database.

Benefits of PIES Catalog Data Management Software

• The entire supply chain can avail the latest application data at the lowest price.
• It decreases costs by eliminating the need of manual data entry or electronic processing to publish products.
• It improves the customer service level by eliminating omissions during exchanging and managing complex vehicle data.
• Easy to use electronic catalogs reduce the cost related to industry employee training and labor.
• It’s an eco-friendly alternative.
• Users can correct product errors in real-time.

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