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Automotive trends 2020

With the addition of the year, the new trends get adopted by the Automotive industry. Each year add some advancement in the technology and bring some innovation in the design and manufacturing of the vehicle. The 2020 year has been experienced as a very challenging time by every industry in the market. Though the time was challenging yet discoveries have been revealed in the Automotive industry

The Top 5 Automotive Trends Unveiled in the Year 2020 are as Follows:

1. Discovery of Autonomous Vehicle
The aim of the discovery of autonomous vehicles or self-driving vehicles is to reduce the requirement for human drivers and to reduce the accident caused due to human driver negligence or fatigue. This discovery is aiming to achieve public transportation safety. For instance, Intvo is a US-based start-up that has developed a pedestrian behavior prediction technology. In this technology head position, eye contact, and leg movements of pedestrian and weather condition will be checked. This will help to assign a risk level and enhance the rate of safety.

2. Expansion of Electrification
The growth of electrification in the vehicle is has promoted due to depleting fossil fuels and harm to the environment caused by their use. To enhance production, a company needs to work on the issues regarding high cost, poor battery performance, not adequate charging infrastructure, and fleet electrification. Start-ups like Lordstown motors and ChargeX are working on providing solutions to issues occurring in the growth of electrification of vehicles.

3. Improved Digital Platforms
As the advancement in technology is increasing, the demand to meet such complex technology embedded in today’s vehicles is also increasing. Many automakers are investing to upgrade the digital technology on which such vehicles operate. BMW, a renowned giant automaker company has declared the announcement of the first wave of vehicles update which can be performed over the air or remotely. This technology has been released for software upgrades to your vehicle.

4.  Carbon- Fiber Utilization in the Construction of Vehicle
Many giant automakers company are turning towards carbon fiber for manufacturing not only the exterior components like hoods and liftgates but also the absolute interior structure of the vehicle. Upcoming polestar1 plug-in hybrid and polestar2 Electric vehicle of Volvo depending primarily on carbon fiber to manufacture their inner structure to lessen the weight and increase rigidity.

5. Enhancing the use of the Internet of things (IOT)
In the Industry of Automotive, IOT helps in secure communication between vehicles additionally communication between vehicles and infrastructure components. The technology aids in improving road safety, solve congestion due to traffic, and reduce pollution. Many start-ups like EcoG and KonnectShift are working on such technology to collect more data about vehicles as well as to enable the vehicle to understand its surroundings.

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