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free aftermarket catalog

Thinking about enhancing parts catalogs’ usability? Check out these tips to make the catalogue user-friendly. Surely, you would be an asset and be someone to propel business growth.

 Tweak item descriptions

Dealers may or may not understand part descriptions when it’s offered by engineers. So, the person who is in charge of the catalog, should edit the content and improve readability. Not only does this help to save money and time but also enables dealers to trace the right component. Besides, it would minimize the chances of placing orders erroneously. Always remember to follow conventions and a standard format and conventions. This would aid the reader to understand the component quickly and in a better manner.

Use a consistent format

Be consistent when you have to format different catalogs. Use the same font, and style as you would find in hard bound books. This helps making the catalog user-friendly especially when the dealer has to sell different models. Consistent formatting aids to familiarize dealers with a standard layout. They can find part information with ease and spend less time in going through the content.

It’s never a tedious task as far as formatting is concerned. With certain tools, you can always automate the job and roll out according to settings and preferences.

Optimize Catalogs

When you know that an industry can’t afford equipment downtime, you should always provide access to the parts catalog. While you hand over a hard copy to the dealer, ensure that you have posted a soft copy online. It could either be a read only document or a PDF file. Interactive e-books can also be thought of as an alternative. These help to filter out parts through effective search functionalities.

Create categories for repairs

Think about creating groups comprising of parts for common repairs. This reduces the effort to search for another part when it’s absolutely essential for completing the job. Dealers would no longer be wasting time when they know that everything is available at a single location. In addition, this would help to boost sales and spend more time in fixing the equipment. This tip should be followed even when it’s required to design a free aftermarket catalog.

Integrate with E-Commerce platforms / ERM

If you own an online parts catalog, then it’s always good to integrate it with E-Commerce websites and ERM. This helps the dealer to check the price and availability right from his desk.  He would no longer have to call the customer support team because the tip would help fetch information quickly. The dealer also finds the best way to place an order only after you have added some tools. Moving forward, you can foresee business growth through an online portal.

Finally, whichever tip you follow, see to it that you simplify the task of searching components. The dealer should be happy to use your catalog whenever it’s necessary. Breakdown features and present part information in a better fashion.

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