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When the summer season sets in, the heat can affect trucks to a considerable extent. While some fleets are not prepared for specific maintenance, here are the components you should take care of during the hot weather.

Cooling System

As you check the cooling system, you should first observe the antifreeze concentration levels. In case the antifreeze-to-water ratio is low, then the cooling system might not function or might even fail in the warm weather. When it comes to basic maintenance, you should wash the radiator at the engine’s side and drive away debris out from the cores. While you are washing, it’s never a good idea to force the water on the fan blades.

Air conditioning system

When you are checking the air conditioning system, you should look for leaks and observe the condition of the component carefully. In case you hear a noise from the blower motor, then you need to replace the system. An auto parts lookup would help you find the right part based on the vehicle you have been driving.

Apart from everything else, you should pay attention to flex points, fittings and the hose. The condenser should also be cleaned thoroughly in case you see dust or debris.


During summer, the heat can lead to the breakdown of rubber. So, when you are checking the tires, you should measure the tread depths with the help of a tire gauge. Besides, it’s essential to check the inflation pressure because extra or little air can eventually burst the tires. As you proceed, you should look for uneven wear pattern and think about a replacement for cracked wheels.


When you observe the battery, look for signs of corrosion and clear the residue with the help of a brush. Do make sure that the batteries are not bloated or cracked. If you wish to test the battery cells, then you can use a hydrometer to check the reading. If the reading is low, then consider replacing the battery immediately.

Electrical System

Apart from checking the battery, you should always test the alternator and look for frayed wiring. Never use a test light with a piercing probe whenever you are testing electrical systems. This might pose to be a problem because moisture would finally lead to corrosion within the system.

 Belts and hoses

Finally, heat can cause wear and tear of hoses and belts. You should not only check the belt tension but also look for belt misalignment. When it comes to checking the hose, you need squeeze towards the ends. If it’s spongy, then you need to replace it right away. Do refer to an auto parts catalog in case you can’t find a hose at the local stores.

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