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Alabama — German automotive supplier MollerTech announced today that it will invest $46.3 million to build a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Bibb County, creating 222 jobs in Alabama’s growing auto sector.AL-Auto-image

“Attracting investment and new jobs to Alabama’s rural counties is a key priority in our overall economic development strategy,and MollerTech’s manufacturing facility in Bibb County represents the kind of project that we have been targeting,” Governor Robert Bentley said.

“We now have new tools to help rural counties overcome the obstacles they face in economic development,” he added. “We’re committed to using them.”

MollerTech plans to construct a 150,000-square-foot facility in the Scott G. Davis Industrial Park, near Interstate 20/59 and close to the Woodstock community in northern Bibb County.

➤ It will manufacture interior parts for Mercedes-Benz’s next-generation SUVs, to be produced at the automaker’s Alabama assembly plant after a  $1.3 Billion Expansion.

➤ MollerTech’s North American President and CEO Steve Jordan said the Bibb County facility will serve as the company’s flagship U.S. manufacturing facility, incorporating new ideas and best practices from other operations in the company’s manufacturing footprint.

“After many months visiting various states as well as numerous counties in Alabama, we are pleased to settle in Bibb County,” Jordan said. “Our Moller Culture is very much centered on people and local communities and, because of that, we find that there is ‘a good fit’ between MollerTech and Bibb County.

“The help that we received both financially as well as personally from the state and the county helped us in making this decision,” he added.

“So we would like to thank the State of Alabama as well as Bibb County in being patient and supporting us in this new venture of ours.”

“As excited as we are for MollerTech, Bibb County, the state and all of the entities involved in this project, we are even more excited about MollerTech’s future workforce and the impact the 222 job opportunities will have on them and their families,” said Brian Hilson, the BBA’s president and CEO.

➤ MollerTech is the automotive arm of Germany-based MollerGroup, which remains a family-owned company with 2,300 employees worldwide today.


➤ Besides Mercedes, it develops and produces interior parts for automakers including Audi, BMW, General Motors, Honda, and Toyota.


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