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Car Parts Catalog

Receiving a car repair bill can never be exciting especially when the gross amount is quite high. In fact, it might be troublesome when the mechanic sets up new parts which have been replaced earlier at the service center. So, as we list down the components that have to be replaced, we have stated some ways of extending the life expectancy.

Fuel Filter

A fuel filter may cost around £1000 if it has to be replaced time and again. So, when you see that ‘Check Engine’ warning light blinking on the dashboard, the car may not start immediately because the fuel filter is clogged. In order to increase the lifespan, it’s always better to clean the fuel filter or replace it as per the manufacturer’s recommended schedule.


The approximate cost of replacing the battery could be as much as £2,000 over a lifetime. If you observe a pale blue colored powder on the battery, then it indicates that the part needs to be replaced. So, if you want to enhance the life of the battery, then you should not leave the lights on because you then have to change the part sooner than later.


If you are finding it difficult to change gears, then it’s time to replace the flywheel. Don’t hesitate to go through an auto parts catalog in case you are looking for a component depending on the vehicle’s technical specifications. As the replacement depends on the condition of the clutch, the flywheel’s life can be prolonged by extending the life of the clutch.

Front-end Brake Pads/Discs

While the approximate cost for replacing brake pads can be slightly more than £1,000, you may need a new part at least 10 times over a lifetime of driving. Cracks on the brake disc or a squeaking noise may indicate that the part needs a replacement. So, if you wish to increase the lifespan, you should apply the brakes gently and check whether the discs are fitted properly.


As far as the cost for an alternator is concerned, it can be more than £2,500. There’s little you can do to keep the alternator in good condition. This is because the lifespan of the part is considerably affected by numerous electrical factors.

Timing Belt

The timing belt needs to be replaced when you start hearing a high-pitch screeching noise from the location where the engine is fitted. It may seem to be a costly affair if the belt breaks. So, to prevent the problem from occurring, you should always park the vehicle inside a garage or at a shady area.

Finally, it’s important to observe the cylinder head gasket, the starter motor, and the fluid pump whenever you drive your vehicle to the service center. It’s never too late to replace these parts once you observe smoke coming out from the engine bay or a warning light on the dashboard.


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