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The term ‘aftermarket’ is associated with parts which are not manufactured by auto makers. It’s because of this reason you might notice the difference. While you try to save money, you would also be keeping the vehicle maintenance costs down. These are nothing but alternatives which you might avail for various reasons.

Benefits of using aftermarket parts


While OEM parts are shipped with one year warranty, aftermarket parts offer many options. This could be anything from a final sale, lifetime warranty or anything in between. Obviously, when you are concerned about costs, you would opt for searching items from an aftermarket parts catalog. These could also be an economical option if you are trying to sell your vehicle within a few months.


Just as it with brake pads, you can source aftermarket parts depending on grades. With quality, you may have to pay for a higher price. You can expect top-rated warranty because manufacturers actually strive to support the product with one of the best warranties.



As compared to car dealerships, aftermarket part stores and suppliers exist in abundance. The latter isn’t bound with any limitations. But, a dealership runs on what’s available at the store. It also deals in parts depending on their demand. With that being the case, if you can’t procure a part then you’re sure to find it on the shelves of aftermarket parts suppliers.


In certain situations, you might prefer buying aftermarket parts. While you have to buy a strut and a spring separately, aftermarket suppliers offer an assembly along with a mounting mechanism. This helps to reduce the overall price along with the labor costs. Suspension parts that aren’t available with dealers can be easily sourced from aftermarket suppliers.


Today, aftermarket parts are known for being less expensive with similar quality. But, this might not be the situation always. You need to do a little bit of research as you browse through numerous aftermarket parts catalogs. This helps you to fetch a fair price which would otherwise be on the higher side. With such parts, you would surely be happy once you avail perks like a lifetime warranty. Despite the price, you would opt for a higher priced aftermarket price.

Issues faced with aftermarket parts

Although aftermarket parts can be the best alternative, a few things should be considered.

Warranty conflict

If you own a new vehicle and the automobile is still under warranty, then the warranty gets affected once you have installed an aftermarket part. Many a times, conflicts occur with the installed part that plays a minor role in driving vehicle performance. Later, the onus is on you because the manufacturer would not be responsible in any way.

 Manufacturing Quality

Quality is a big question with aftermarket parts. You don’t know whether the part is made of pure metal or an alloy. Unlike OEM parts, such components comply with lower standards. Eventually, aftermarket parts are prone to failures because of the manufacturing process. The material’s quality should also be taken into consideration.

Consider all factors when you need to buy replacement parts. However, you can procure aftermarket parts at the best price. Depending on your requirements, you can also select from several warranty options.



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