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ACES and PIES Automotive Database

If you haven’t come across ACES and PIES, then these are nothing but standard industry data formats. While the former standard is used for managing and exchanging automotive application data, the latter is used for managing and exchanging product data. Both the formats differentiate the aftermarket industry from other industries. These present a challenge of managing the warehouse and selling components through an online store. Since such data standards were created by the Auto Care Association, they are also known as AAIA ACES and AAIA PIES.

What do you mean by ACES product data?

As far as ACES is concerned, it’s an industry standard that facilitates exchange of automotive catalog applications data. The standard not only includes the part name but also application fitment information which defines the vehicle’s attributes and the place where the part can be fitted. The files in the XML format can be availed once a subscription fee is paid to the Auto Care Association.

When it comes to maintaining the ACES files, the Auto Care Association updates the Vehicle Configuration database once every month. As the table comprises of a list of numerous parts under different categories, the suppliers need to verify the parts data fitment against a particular standard. In case the information is missing, then it might be perceived as an issue with the application.

What do you mean by PIES product data?

As mentioned earlier, PIES (Product Information Exchange Standard) refers to a standard for exchanging product data. Once you go through the database, you may come across 20,000 types of products spread across 25 categories. Unlike ACES, the data standards can be used without paying a single penny. However, if you need to use any other database, then you have to pay a certain amount.


When you consider the PIES file, you might not see product attributes, and information like weight, dimensions, prices, etc.. The information is basically pertaining to the brands. You would clearly figure out the brand owner’s name and the retailer’s name through a standardized structure.

How to distinguish ACES and PIES?

The difference between ACES and PIES lies in the name of the file. While the PIES file begins with the letter, ‘P’, the ACES file begins with ‘A’. You can clearly see the part numbers and prices in the PIES file while a list of applications can be observed in the ACES file.

In case you need to download the ACES and PIES automotive database, then you need to visit the new web interface. Recognized as the Vehicle Information Portal (VIP), the interface has been set up by the Auto Care Association. Basically, it gives an overview of the Product Attribute database, the Qualifier database, the Product Classification database and the Vehicle Configuration Database.

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