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OEM Parts Catalog

If your vehicle has been damaged due to an accident, then you may assume the body shop to select brand new parts and move on with repairs. But, if you plan to file an insurance claim, then this would not be the case.

Many individuals prefer OEM parts as compared to aftermarket parts. They simply don’t have to bother much because the OEM parts fit in a better way and there’s always a peace of mind when replacements are concerned. The only problem is that the insurance carrier may not cover up the expenses due to the use of aftermarket parts. Besides, the person can’t draw a conclusion that the car insurance coverage would cover for OEM parts.

So, here are some ways you can assure yourself whenever the time of filing the insurance claim arises.

  • Never delay with the request

If there’s no way to negotiate for the OEM parts, then you need to reconsider another car insurance claim. When you step forward for shopping, ask the insurance agent if the policy can pay for the OEM parts. But, if that’s not the case, then you would have pay some extra fee and request accordingly. For a vehicle which has been used for a long time, it might not be possible to source OEM parts from a car parts catalog.

  • Not every part can be replaced

When it’s impossible to replace a part, sourcing aftermarket parts could be the best option. This is the best thing that an insurance company can do. In the end, it’s completely up to you whether you desire to avail OEM coverage. On the other hand, you can speak with the body shop manager and check for the availability.

Finally, you need to take the right step when OEM parts aren’t covered by the insurance policy. If the OEM part is important for you, then you have to pay a bit extra after comparing the price with the aftermarket part. While you can expect the policy to cover for aftermarket parts, you can be happy to know that the OEM part is sourced from the manufacturer’s end. In fact, you can bid farewell to your worries when you know that the part would fit properly. Alternatively, you can look for inexpensive parts if the price of the OEM part is not within the budget.

Before concluding, we would like to state that boy shops always prefer OEM parts. This builds in confidence when the shop owner knows that the parts can fit smoothly and they are bound to make huge amount of profit. Actually, the business never dies because shops earn money only when the OEM part is sold off.

Feel free to go through an OEM parts catalog as you speak with a trustworthy insurance agent. Once you get an idea of the price, you can manage your expenses and set aside the money you might need to pay. You won’t be disappointment even if you have to pay a bit more.

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