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To compete in the market every business needs to boost its sales. As sales let you reach prospective customers in high numbers. eCommerce catalog management is one of the methods that help businesses to boost sales. It is a strategic and dynamic process where products are arranged in a particular way to ensure compatible and high-quality data across channels of sales. An eCommerce catalog includes the name of products, description, price, and many more details related to the product. But the conundrum of crux here is whom to trust? As we have many companies in the market that claim to provide the best services. Anzael is one of the best companies that can help you to fulfill your demands inefficiently way. The reasons to choose Anzael are as follows:

* Defined and increased Visibility

The e-Catalog service provided by the company is a user-defined, cloud-based software because the service offered does not require downloads. The members of this service are in absolute control of the aftermarket parts lookup services that assist users to customize the experience. A user is capable to select the layout of the home page through the content management system. The user can customize the banner & background images and can assign distinct color combinations to converse. This helps users to upload distinct company logos and icons to make them more particular & unique. The user gets a chance to customize the product line and change the data. The user is capable to upload bulk images and permit to passively relate to the competitors.

* Reduced time to market

The e-Catalog services automate the procedure of uploading and veracity of the data. It uses optimized codes of programming which makes it faster and smarter. It uses the automotive aftermarket industry-standard data usually seen in ACES & PIES data standards and formats and changes them into a catalog format. The data and different processes of being on the cloud critically save the investment on the infrastructure of the user that helps in reducing the time to market.

* Easy to manage

The dashboard provided by the company gives a comprehensive view and allows users to manage all the content of the e-Catalog services. Users are capable to manage the company information, manage social media URLs, manage copyrights, user get the chance to edit the content of the home page and add new webpage. Besides this user can also manage SEO content and the user also gets a chance to manage the home page layout, banner & background images, and color composition of the website. The user also gets a chance to manage content for the year, help in making model searches by uploading the ACES & PIES XML data. The user is also capable to manage the product line and many digital files like jpg files, pdf files & video files. In addition to this, there is a facility for uploading and information related to competitors to generate a cross-reference.

* Digital asset

Digital assets are a very important part of any sales and marketing-related database. Media content files for instance images, videos & pdf files are observed by the e-Catalog system for the process of upload. The image files are imported in basically two parts; one part relates to attributes in the format of the table and another part relates to only image files.

* Cross-reference

The best part of this e-catalog is that you can search by the part number of competitors. In a similar case, if any end-user needs to cross-refer the competitors’ part number to find the same part of your company, then they are able to do this. To enable this feature cross-reference is required.

Above mentioned features also include e-catalog features like customizable, search engine optimization, 24/7 service support, easy and fast search out of billions of data, mobile-friendly, back-office and custom dashboard, cloud-based website, data backup, and easy navigation. Therefore, nothing could be better than Anzael company to consult for e-commerce catalog management.

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