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Ebay Fitment with ACES

By August 31, 2016 ACES

Ebay is the second most favorite online platform than Amazon for selling auto parts and accessories. It has been noticed that almost all resellers, including established auto parts retailers, car salvage and scrap dealers and small start-up businesses with third party product lines prefer Ebay for online selling. Read on the article to know why ebay fitment with ACES is required and how it can boost online selling using ecommerce platforms like ebay.
Sometimes, it becomes difficult to find the perfect match auto part online for your vehicle from the huge list of seller’s products.Lack of information or using of wrong format would be the responsible factors for such inconvenience. Thus, online buyers want to make sure that they are buying the perfect item or not. Here comes “Fitment” with a responsible role of giving confidence to buyers by providing accurate and complete auto parts and accessories information.

Partial information can disappoint the potential buyer which either results into lose of sale or return. Return makes a whole in your pocket for shipping and processing charges. Thus, you need to integrate fitment data to specify exactly which vehicles a part fits.

You can get the right fitment data in two ways;

1) Figure out which vehicles each part fits.
2) Get that information into the standard format required by the platform you are selling on.

It’s a time consuming process of adding fitment information and can be technically challenging as well. However, if it done well, it becomes a real business asset which is very important to being successful as an auto parts seller.
Ebay’s auto parts compatibility (fitment) specifications vary by the different locales (US, UK, Australia and Germany). For US,Ebay is using AAIA compliant Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard (ACES).Ebay is maintaining ACES compliant catalog of auto products which is updated by them quarterly. All listed items with sufficient details can automatically have mapped to the eBay parts catalog and used when items are submitted to eBay.

Ebay has parts compatibility available for below categories;

• Car & Truck Parts & Accessories
• Vintage Car & Truck Parts & Accessories
• Motorcycle Parts & Accessories

In case an item is not found in the catalog of parts on ebay, and do not provide sufficient information, then you need to add it manually using standard (year, make, model)format supported by Ebay.

There are several tools like my fitment or Frooition can help you in Bulk Update of Fitments by converting aces to eBay fitment or ebay fitment to aces. It makes easy to update and exchange files or information which ultimately results into more sales and provide below advantages to sellers and buyers;

Sellers can get below benefits;

• Saves you time and money
• Provide boost to your listing in search results
• Increase in sales

Buyers can get below benefits;

• Build trust and gain confidence when buying parts and accessories
• Buyers can filter their search for particular item
• Verify the compatibility of the part and accessory in no time

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