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EPICOR auto replacement parts catalog provides user with all the information required necessary to make a purchase. It is entirely online; additionally EPICOR also provides managed services for the automotive aftermarket parts which could be entirely based on premise or hosted on cloud. This unique selling proposition maximizes the systems availability and provides an optimized environment to interact with the data. The auto parts e-commerce solution channels through e-catalog services to target both B2C and B2B customer base. EPICOR is not an e-commerce store like Amazon but is a software solution provider; so it does not directly sell to the market.
WHI provides automated software solutions to e-commerce, e-catalog, distribution management and business intelligence. The provision of software as service to the client reduces overheads and imparts greater accuracy to the solutions and services. Unlike Amazon, WHI is a service provider which is used by top wholesalers and retailers to manage their respective e-catalogs. The USP boasts of over 500 million applications data onto performance parts, replacement parts and accessories. It has over thousands of aftermarket parts manufacturers and over 100,000 parts buyer in the network.
AutoZone is an e-commerce and an in-store service provider to the automotive aftermarket industry. Unlike Amazon it retails, distributes & sells only aftermarket parts in the market. Not for all instances, but AutoZone provides free ground shipping on condition applied. Unlike Amazon; AutoZone is a chain store model spread across 49 states of the United States for sale of goods & accessories. It’s USP of being in store lets user to browse and feel the product in real time and get advised by an expert employee.
O’Reilly Auto Parts unlike Amazon but similar to AutoZone deals with customer in store as well as online. This unique selling proposition of being in store at 4,829 locations; lets user to get the feel of the product in real time thus dramatically reducing the chances of return. Unlike Amazon the O’Reilly Auto Parts only sells automotive aftermarket goods, parts and accessories. Additionally, the company is also listed on the stock market to behave as a publicly traded company.
Pep Boys provides both in store and online solutions to automotive aftermarket replacement parts, performance parts and accessories. This gives them advantage of being in real time and on virtualized environment as well. Unlike Amazon they specifically target sales of automotive aftermarket parts only.
They have been in traditional retail business of automotive aftermarket parts and supplies with more than a decade now. They have over 900 stores spread across United States to cater to the real time market offering full range of services, such as oil changes, tyre installations, brake repairs and suspension works.
Advance Auto Parts with over 5200 stores located across United States is one of the largest retailers of automotive aftermarket parts. Like Pep Boys and O’Reilly they have presence both in store and online. They specifically deal with replacement & performance parts and the in store presence gives user an opportunity to interact with products in real time. Advance Auto Parts caters to both do it yourself customer and commercial business offering repair services. Other than company owned stores they also operate 1,300 independently owned stores to get a bigger footprint in the United States retail market.
Federal Mogul is a diversified global supplier of automotive aftermarket goods & products. They don’t have presence in the e-commerce market; for the purpose they have tied up with Amazon to sell their products online. They address the global market through global engineering, manufacturing, distribution and customer service programs. Unlike others; Federal Mogul supplies parts and accessories to different traditional brick and mortar stores existing. One can get Federal Mogul parts of O’Reilly stores, Advance Auto Parts stores, Auto Zone stores, NAPA Auto parts stores and others. They are a good example of venture capitalist business which works on commission basis. They have e-catalog service linked to their website where one could browse and filter parts needed; but the webpage does not enable e-commerce services for online sales.
MAHLE Clevite is equipped with e-commerce store where one could buy aftermarket products online. They also have option to publish catalog online. Together they enrich the user & buying experience. MAHLE Clevite is a global company with offices in 22 international locations and 25,000 sales partner worldwide. The online-catalog lets user to search and filter results by vehicle makes, model, year & engine; and it also has the ability to search by competitors parts interchange numbers. To address the real time markets they have partnership between retail and repair shops.
EPWI is relatively a small to mid size aftermarket business. It has 13 regional facilities across the United States that support customers in 21 states; it primarily indulges in distribution of replacement & performance auto parts manufactured by other companies. The business usually runs in traditional style along with online ordering feature. The company has grown into a major engine parts specialty distribution company in the United States. EPWI unlike Amazon focuses specifically on engine parts supply and is strategically located to serve the central and western America with logistics to support next day ground shipment.
The e-catalog traditionally served the needs of the sales & marketing department. It has grown overtime to be dynamic in nature such that it allows user to filter and query the inventory. Today e-catalog has become one the most important features of any automotive aftermarket company dealing in replacement and performance parts. The dynamic nature lets user to compare and negotiate the product of an optimized environment. This reduces time to market and thus making the sale process more efficient and effective. The digital database is so integrated that it serves the just in time purpose of click of a button.

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