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In the automobile industry, everyone has his or her opinion when it’s about fuel economy, car design, and the engine. But, there’s one more thing that everyone is concerned about. It’s related to nothing but selecting car parts when the vehicle needs to be repaired. So, before you get stuck in a dilemma, scroll ahead to go through various car parts available in the market.
Authentic parts
Genuine auto parts are those which have been fitted inside the vehicle once it hits the showroom. While these are superior with respect to their quality, usually, these are expensive. Although you might observe a label on the product, the logo is actually designed by another organization.

OEM parts
OEM is the abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Basically, these are similar and designed just like genuine parts. As these are approved by the automaker, it’s better to purchase such kind of parts because they bear a low price tag when compared with genuine parts. Do flip through a catalog if you can’t make your way through an auto parts lookup.

Aftermarket parts
These parts refer to the ones made by another company in addition to the ones designed by the manufacturer. Companies which deal in the aftermarket part purchase avail the authority and the right to make parts for vehicles of different brands. Although these might appear slightly different, they can be fitted in the right way and there isn’t any compromise when performance is concerned.

Rebuilt parts
To put it in simple words, rebuilt parts are used parts that are disassembled and fitted once again. Once these parts have new components, the performance is tested under various parameters. Typically, these parts deliver a performance just as new components but, most of the time, these last for a longer time span.

Refurbished parts
You may be under the impression that there’s hardly any difference between refurbished and rebuilt parts. But, this isn’t true because these parts are never dismantled but cleaned and altered to the best extent. Though you may not hesitate to purchase refurbished parts, these tend to wear and tear in a short period of time.

Used parts
Recognized as ‘recycled’, used parts always serve to be an inexpensive alternative to the ones mentioned above. While these are suitable whenever a part needs to be replaced, the parts don’t fail to function within a short time span. Handles, door trims, and moldings are usually included in the category of used parts. Having said that, these are not the suitable auto parts for every kind of replacement. Moreover, in case you are worried about safety and performance, then you shouldn’t rely on used parts.

So, there are six options when you plan to source a part for your car. This probably doesn’t sort things easily, but at least you finalize on one or two choices. However, when you are narrowing down your options, you should always consider some factors depending on the vehicle you own.

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