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ACES and PIES Automotive Database

If you haven’t come across ACES and PIES, then these are nothing but standard industry data formats. While the former standard is used for managing and exchanging automotive application data, the latter is used for managing and exchanging product data. Both the formats differentiate the aftermarket industry from other industries. These present a challenge of […]

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convert PIES to flat file

This century requires efficient work in less time so that effective tools or software are the real need. Likewise, auto plus software tool PIES was specially designed to process work with high efficiency. PIES or Product Information Exchange Standard is basically an Automotive Mapping Catalog Software, which enables companies to exchange comprehensive data parts most […]

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By December 29, 2016 AAIA, ACES, PIES

ACES, Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard is a North American standard for management and exchange of vehicle application data. The standardized data base forms the base for the aftermarket information system; these normalized formats contain critical configuration data of the vehicle and communicate with the industry as to which part fits which vehicle configuration. Standardizing product […]

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What is VCDB Pro? VCDB or Vehicle Configuration Database contains information of vehicle configurations for passenger cars and light trucks sold in the US, Canada and Mexico. The database is designed in such way so that auto industry companies can communicate application with as much or as little information as necessary. It is an essential […]

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