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OEM Parts Catalog

Specifically designed for the automotive aftermarket, an auto part management software is now been used by businesses across different regions in USA. Apart from helping people manage the core business processes, the software helps to control costs in a highly effective way. Depending on the business requirements, the software can always be configured the way it has to be. So, here are some of the benefits of using the management software.

Price and product management

With an objective to enhance customer experience, the application aids to manage complex price models and rules. This, in turn, helps to present information to customers whenever products have to be sold off. Regardless of the product line, the software is far more capable to perform profit and margin calculations.

Sales order processing

With the help of sales order capabilities, the application not only improves customer experience but also enhances counter sales. The customized point of sales screen helps the staff to gain instant access to stock availability and alternative products. This offers numerous opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.

Purchase order processing

The purchase order functionalities work ways beyond maximizing profit margins. Besides offering re-ordering suggestions, the tool enables the user to gather information soon after the best-buy analysis. The lead-time calculations help to enhance the ordering frequency and keep a track of the products at the warehouses.

Stock management

By automatically tracking stock, the software gives you a clear view of the number of items that have been received or dispatched. Once adjustments like credits and returns are taken into consideration, the current stock level can be determined easily. Depending on the forecast demand and the sales history, a few tools help you to recalculate the minimum as well as the maximum stock level.

Ledger accounting

If you need to maintain financial records with ease, then it’s better to try out the software. Once the ledgers are integrated with the software, a user doesn’t have to bother much about data entry. The application takes care of recording transactions and tasks pertaining to reconciliation, reporting and credit control.


Once the software is linked to a web interface, it’s easier to check stock and prices online. This aids to generate orders electronically and trade over the internet.

Business analysis and CRM

In case the software is supported by a CRM module, then the business performance could be evaluated and solutions for certain areas can be figured out. The visual representation of performance data helps to identify trends. Once data is gathered from the module, there’s always a better chance to enhance customer service and increase sales.

To get a feel about how everything works, you can always try out the software for a limited time period. This would help you decide whether it’s an essential tool for your company.

If you don’t prefer to buy aftermarket parts, then it’s time to flip through an OEM parts catalog.


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