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The aftermarket size in the United Sates is projected to reach USD $ 158.2 billion by the year 2018. According to a research the global aftermarket is expected to reach USD 486.36 billion by 2025. These figures point to the fact that more and more people are sticking on to their vehicles for a longer time i.e., average life of vehicle is increasing along with average vehicle miles driven thus creating a sweet spot for the aftermarket. The aftermarket is flooded with billions of auto parts competing with each other daily. These auto parts need a standard format to interact with the market such that viewers can easily lookup the database and find the right part for their respective vehicle.
Viewer has the ability to search & query the database by vehicle type i.e., year, make, model & engine to get accurate results. The big data associated to automotive-repair & components-sales is increasingly experiencing digitalization; this coupled with advanced technology incorporations in the automobile aftermarket component manufacturing is expected to lead the market and boost the growth. With rise in demand for semi-autonomous, electric vehicles, hybrid and autonomous cars is expected to boom the new component market growth in years to come. To efficiently lookup into the big data one needs robust software to run the regression and deliver the output. Auto parts lookup features needs to run the query in fraction of a second thus reducing the time to market.
There are a several auto parts lookup available in the market which validates the data against the vehicle configuration database and parts classification database. These standard databases are recognized by the aftermarket industry to ensure data consistency and integrity. The lookup tool is usually available free of charge; a user can easily browse the database and instantly find the right part. The value lookup essentially helps user to navigate through the big data and filter the database to get the information about the required auto parts. The auto part lookup helps users with procedures of how to fix it yourself; additionally gives them options to inquire & confirm the auto part.
These presales availability of data lets user to make informed decisions. The auto parts lookup provides the user with right amount of data and information to execute a deal. Most of the automotive aftermarket service providers have auto parts lookup features incorporated onto their websites. The resultant of most of the auto parts lookup is usually an e Catalog format; which provides part information along with images and procedure pdf’s. Overall the auto parts lookup serves the purpose of introducing the automotive aftermarket parts along with their features, specifications & compatibility. Additionally, the auto parts lookup is an essential component of inventory stock management; it lets user to view the inventory, it links the inventory to the market and also maintains the status.

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