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AAIA is a trade association established in July 1999 with an alliance of the Automotive Parts and Accessories Association (APPA) and the Automotive Service Industry Association (ASIA). AAIA automotive industry is consist of 23,000 members and affiliates manufacture, distribute, sell and install motor vehicle parts, accessories, tools, equipment, materials, supplies, and services. Being the largest and most comprehensive trade association, it represents more than 100,000suppliers, distributors, retailers, service providers, program groups, manufacturers’ representatives, educators, and publishers.

The company’s members represent a range of various products of the aftermarket industry such as, automotive, heavy duty, engine rebuilding, trim, paint and body, electrical, tools and equipment, etc. The association also provides market intelligence, information technology, national as well as international meetings and events, legal support, education and training solutions to all members of AAIA aftermarket industry.

As a responsible automotive aftermarket trade association, AAIA is supportingan educational campaign called “Be Car Care Aware”. The motto of this campaign is to educate people about the benefits of regular vehicle maintenance and repairs. It would help car owners to make best decisions regarding their car care and maintenance. The non-profit Car Care Council is anaccountable organization for this educational campaign. However, it is funded and directed by the Auto Care Association.

Right to Repair Act

With an advancement of technology automotive machines start becoming even more complex. Of course, the modern computers and electronics provide bunch of benefits to motorists by improving fuel efficiency, style and comfort. However,the integration of high-tech auto parts and systems by manufacturers prevent access for car owners and independent car repair shops.

Thus, AAIA supports Right to Repair legislation. It protects the right of car owners to decide where his/her care will be repaired whether at new car dealer or an independent service center.

AAIA Validation

Today, there are so many tools are available for auto data validation. It reduces the chances of errors and omissions and improve the overall accuracy of information that you are sharing with your trading partners. Thus,use of auto data validation tools that can provide AAIA compliant data is a better way to stay ahead from your competitors. It saves you money by eliminating expensive re-submissions of information and enables you to manage even complex data without help of any third party.

A Historical Decision by AAIA

For your information, AAIA has rebranded itself from AAIA (Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association) to ACA (Auto Care Association) in April 24, 2014.

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