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VCDB Tools

Vehicle configuration database (VCDB) as the name suggests is a standard normalized fully relational database for entering vehicle data relating to year, make, model, engine type, ignition type, fuel delivery type & other attributes relating to the configuration of the vehicle. This database is used by the industry to relate to millions of different parts available for the aftermarket services. The database on query returns the value for right fitment part for the vehicle. The aftermarket services include replacement parts, performance parts and accessories. VCDB is an industry standard across the U.S, Canada and Mexico for passenger cars and light trucks sold.

VCDB tools allow for validation of the data against the AAIA standard vehicle database and the ability to upload the data through multiple file extensions. Once the data has been validated by VCDB tool it could be published into catalog format reducing the data time to market. The VCDB tool recognizes aftermarket catalog enhanced standard (ACES) and product information exchange standard (PIES) data standards. The data recognized is either available in csv, xml or excel table formats; for data available in all other formats will need be processed manually and or published using custom methods.

The VCDB features nearly 50 unique attributes corresponding to a vehicle; these attributes are organized into vehicle systems or attribute groups which get validated against base vehicle and sub-model combinations. The primary aim of VCDB tools is to provide precise and accurate data and to communicate and manage complex vehicle information. The other features available along with VCDB tools are 24/7 access to the data from any device and 24/7 support services to solve the problem and exceptions. A subscriber of services can validate data against various e commerce portals & vendors like Amazon, Epicor, WHI, AutoZone, Auto Parts, O’reilly Auto Parts, PepBoys, Advance Auto Parts, Federal Mogul, Mahle Clevite & EPWI.

Data in these formats minimize the time to market and thus get greater exposure of the market and thereby improving decision making and increasing the chances of selling. The data validated by VCDB tool provides fast, easy and accurate method to lookup and convert data. A load of data validation tools are available in the market offering similar kind of services and increasing the options and competition. The semi-automated features of the tool reduce the time required to process the validation and upload; however certain aspects of the process still have to be manually dealt with making it a labour intensive service. Overall VCDB tools have a great value to offer in terms of managing & updating the vehicle & parts bulk data.

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