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Aftermarket Parts Catalog

As you think about summer in the forthcoming year, it’s evident that you would be ruining the engine along with the day. But, you have to plan well in advance because you can’t afford to overheat the engine due to insufficient cooling. At this instance, we are not talking about the catastrophes that can result into cooling system failure, but, accessories or add-ons that can prevent engine overheating. So, here are some of the things you should consider for those sunny days.

Performance Radiator

Vehicle radiators are usually made from copper or brass when thermal conductivity is taken into consideration. But, as compared to conventional radiators, Aluminum radiators always weigh a bit less. These enhance the cooling capability as the surface area helps for increasing the airflow. But, you may face the challenge when insufficient space may not accommodate a larger radiator. Moreover, you should opt for a dual-pass design because the coolant gets circulated as it passes from half of the radiator. A water pump can add on to the cost because the design has to be supported some way or the other. A car parts catalog can always help you to decide on what’s suitable for the vehicle.

Electric Fans

Engine-driven fans can always help you drive on highways at high speeds. But, when you are struggling to make your way through traffic, then it’s better to install an electric fan so that the cooling capacity is considerably enhanced. Unlike usual models, the electric fan is capable to generate airflow no matter what the vehicle speed might be. A dual-fan could be yet another option that covers the radiator with cool air.

As for the blades, that would depend on the objective you have on mind. Curved-bladed fans could be the ideal choice because they don’t create a noise nor move when air passes by.

Before installation, just be sure that you have been able to improve the electrical system so that it doesn’t fail when the load increases. Do go through an auto parts catalog to know more about car accessories.

Fan Shroud

If you have made up your mind to set up an electric fan, then move on to spend a bit more for an aluminum fan shroud. Be careful when you are making a purchase or else the car accessory wouldn’t actually work to boost the heat reduction capacity.

Type of Coolant

When you observe liquid flowing from the radiator, old water would help in transferring the heat. Unfortunately, nothing beats water when you need to cool the engine in winter. In case you find it risky to use water directly, then don’t forget to add an anti-corrosion additive. You may also have to research on soft water if that’s not what you are going to use. To be on the safer side, you should consider antifreeze along with an additive that can curb the formation of bubbles and help to reduce the temperature.

To conclude, it’s better to have a look at an aftermarket part catalog so that you would never go wrong with your choice.

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