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By October 16, 2015 AAIA

Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association is a group of auto industry manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and service providers. This association provides a supportive platform for enthusiasts of automotive aftermarket industry. It provides legal protection and political support to their members by organizing separate legal departments for each segment of the association. These lawful departments will approach federal as well asstate legislators and regulatorsto represent issues and favorable policies on behalf of members.

To keep pace with the ever growing auto industry, AAIA keep organizing educational meetings, conferences and international seminars. It helps their members to link with the global market and update their knowledge with current trends of the auto aftermarket industry.

Beyond it, AAIA can understand the real problem between suppliers and their trading partners in terms of synchronized auto parts information. However, it seems little daunting task to manage auto parts data and thus AAIA has introduced standard formats to manage and exchange automotive parts data. As a resolution to it AAIA initiated two standard applications called ACES (Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard)and PIES (Product Information Exchange Standard) in 2003.

ACES Fitment Check and Validation

Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Information is an application developed for North American members of Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association. It makes several tasks easier such as ACES fitment check, ACES validation, authorization and distribution of standardized catalog to their trading partners. The application data contains vehicle attributes, vehicle parts classifications and qualifier statement in standard XML format which is readable by machines as well as humans.

ACES application contains three different types of database such as;
VCDB – Vehicle Configuration Database
PCDB – Parts Categorization Database
QDB – Qualifier Database

All these three database have been updating every month with latest information of newly launched vehicle models and their configurations. It also includes any changes or correction made in the aftermarket industry.However, updated database is available through subscriptions only.

Being standard compliant, monthly ACES validation and correction of data is advisable for suppliers. It reduces the chances of getting back undamaged returns due to improper fitment.

PIES (Product Information Exchange Standard) Validation

PIES has been introduced to classified several attributes of the automotive aftermarket industry such as;
• Brands Identification
• Vehicle Part Number
• Vehicle Part Types
• Pricing Information
• Universal Product Code (UPC)
• Dimensions and Weight
• Product Images

However, these product attributes data can be changed as per the requirement. There are several tools are available for suppliers through which they can easily do PIES validation and publication with fresh product information. It helps to get latest product information for their trading partners which makes business faster and reliable.

AAIA Catalog Printing

AAIA catalog printing service offers an opportunity to print ACES catalog and PIES catalog data in physical format which is easily readable by your trading partners and customers.

In short, Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association provides digital data management solutions by introducing services such as Application Catalog Exchange Standard and Product Information Exchange Standard. It makes suppliers and their trading partners more organized and managed.

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