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With the completion of Vehicle Configuration database (VCdb) Efficiency Project, Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) has made it possible to publish new vehicle information six months earlier than before.It is a significant step taken by the AAIA to make the aftermarket industry even more advanced and well organized.

According to the association, VCDB new release has provided an opportunity to aftermarket suppliers to update their electronic catalog information sooner. It will shorten the catalog publishing cycle and result in increased sales of products.

Before the VCDB new release, the AAIA can only publish the configuration and other information about a new vehicle once they got 40 plus vehicle and component attributes.Vehicle Configuration Database Efficiency Project has made several amendments in traditional VCDB publication process and divided the entire process into four stages.

Scott Luckett, AAIA vice president, technology standards and CIO said: “With basic information about the year, make, model name and available engines, we are able to assign codes and publish new vehicles to the VCdb months sooner”.

AAIA can release additional data about the vehicle to the standard with the publication of technical and service information by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).The ultimate and demanding goal of the committee of Efficiency Project is to reach stage four with the publication of the complete, coded vehicle configuration and corresponding Legacy record without sacrificing accuracy and quality.

In compare to old method, most vehicles and base engine information has been published in stage one few months sooner.There are several aftermarket parts categories which require only stage one to recommend replacement parts and accessories.

Mainly passenger cars and light trucks intended for sale in the U.S. and Canadian market are applied to the four stage publication process. Stage four mainly contain the full publication of a full vehicle configuration and a Legacy record, until the Legacy table is retired in December.

Stay tune with us for VCDB Next Release report.

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