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On 15th December 2014, AAAA has made a historical decision by signing of an agreement on access to service and repair information for motor vehicles. An agreement ensures that Australian independent repairers can also access important vehicle data as dealership workshops.

Under this agreement, independent repairers can avail benefits of accessing all imperative information require for the diagnosis, body repair, servicing, inspection, periodic monitoring, and reinitializing of the vehicle, in line with the service and repair information manufacturers provide their authorized dealers and repairers.

The content of this agreement has been guided by Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council (CCAAC). An agreement is based on voluntary Codes of Practice and industry cooperation and thus it requires close observation.
To tackle with the task of monitoring the performance of this agreement, AAAA has launched an online system called “Vehicle Data Sharing Incident Reporting Portal”.

AAAA executive director Stuart Charity said; “Using a simple questionnaire linked to the AAAA, we want independent aftermarket operators to pass on their good and bad experiences in accessing service and repair information from vehicle makers.”

All information accumulated by this unique incident reporting portal will be shared among the industry, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, state consumer affairs departments and the Federal Small Business Minister Bruce Billson.

Mr. Charity Added; “Using the online questionnaire, the new AAAA vehicle data sharing Incident Reporting Portal is a easy way for independent aftermarket operators to provide input on their positive experiences, where vehicle manufacturers have a simple and effective data access system”.

The Vehicle Data Incident Sharing Portal helps AAAA to understand the current happenings in the marketplace and how it is affecting consumers. It will help them to identify the real barriers that cease Australian automotive aftermarket industry from competing at international level.

The most important thing that all should take into consideration is that, it is simply a data gathering process and not a consumer complaint platform. It is a place for volunteers of aftermarket industry where they can share their experiences. For consumer complaints you can approach ACCC and/or state consumer affairs departments.

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